Finzioni English

Ladies and Gentlemen, Finzioni English!

Come ogni serie tv di successo che si rispetti ha il suo spin-off, anche noi di Finzioni abbiamo deciso di imbarcarci in un nuovo ambizioso progetto.  Signore e signori, siamo lieti di presentarvi Finzioni English, la nuova sezione di Finzioni per tutti gli amanti internazionali della lettura creativa.  A seguire, in rigoroso ordine alfabetico, qualche informazione su coloro che ne prenderanno parte.


As every successful TV series has a spin-off,  the Finzioni Team has decided to embark on a new and challenging project.
Ladies and Gentlemen, we are pleased to present Finzioni English, the new section of Finzioni for all the international lovers of creative reading.
Find below, in rigorous alphabetical order, information about the people who will participate in this venture.


Elena Biagi, after changing hair colour four times and city of residence five times is now a dark blond living in London, where she struggles to survive despite the weather. She runs an Italian Blog about pretty much everything, an English Blog where she mainly reports illuminating conversations with people, a project to help her friends to get famous. She takes a lot of pictures, especially of chimneys, and she collaborates with everyone she meets. She loves pirates.

Jay Miller currently works as a dog-sitter in three countries on two continents. When he isn’t wandering through parks or scrubbing paw prints out of white carpet he enjoys writing fiction and social commentary. His stories have been seen by almost no one (canines excepted) and therefore are presumed to not exist. He was born in Pennsylvania but currently resides in Toronto, Canada. He spends his summers in Lucca, Italy.

Mark Polanzak's stories have appeared in Third Coast, The Southern Review, and The American Scholar among others. He is a founding editor of draft: the journal of process ( He lives in Cambridge, MA, USA.

Amedeo Policante has already spread misery and terror in the Italian branch of Finzioni, now he writes in English. Or at least he tries. In the meantime, he'll mine some more money from the English government doing 'basic research'. He loves tibetan singing bowls, girls with a funny accents and the occasional (trans)migratory maodadaism.

Rhys Williams teaches English, and is about to start years of research into utopia. He likes his concepts abstract, his examples personal, and his language metaphorical. He doesn't like writing biographies because he doesn't feel comfortable talking about himself in the third person.

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