Peanut Butter: The Kingdom of Oz

drawing made by Marchine

The Kingdom of Oz has never been so far away.

No more yellow brick road, but only dirty streets with hole pavements, extremely hot during the day and chilly when the night falls. The silver shoes now got five inches heels, they make you walk unsteady and they hurt. Coward lions are stuck at the end of the news pages on cheap magazines, the ones where all the
pictures turn into yellow. No one is still sure to own a heart, even if we’re not made of tin.  We all burn like straw bonfires blown away by the wind, such as the Scarecrow. The Emerald City is so unreachable, its blinking light is fading away, you can see it just in sunny crystal clear day – very few, to be honest.

But the Wonderful Wizard of Oz is still here, indeed. He resists, despite the years and the dust.

Today, he can assume several appearances, without a real connection. From time to time, he can turn himself into a violin player caught by the tube train, he can be the white dressed guy who sings and dances with earphones on in the city biggest square, then he can appear again as the serious  man sitting on the opposite part of the desk – which is always the fairest part – during your first job interview, and so on.
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, at the end of the day, is basically everyone who crosses your inattentive and super fast life owning the power to change it, even if just for a quick thought which will fade away in less than half a minute. Nowadays you can find a lot of fake wizards, who sell spells already rotten and dusty, completely useless. The real Wizard of Oz never discusses about the intrinsic goodness of a magic, on its real target, this just doesn’t matter at all: everything is legal for him. The only thing that really counts is how badly you want this to happen. 
He unveils his secrets and his art just to people that are really, really into something, burned and torn by the will, a kind of will that is able to keep them awake at night, to change the stars movement, an obsessive thought whit no space left for anything else.
L. Frank Baum wrote this extraordinary story in 1900 and it was supposed to be a children fairy tale, encouraging them to act well and to have good manners. Actually, I think that Baum pushed it a bit too far, because there’s nothing childish and safe in this story. It’s an amazing apology of the human will and its power but, at the same time, wants to warn you about his unexpected implications.
It’s creepy, it’s full of liars and dangerous characters, and the happy ending is not granted at all. It’s extremely up to date, such as the last pair of Jimmy Choo shoes – in bright silver, just by chance.

Maddalena Ramolini

Maddalena Ramolini

When she understood that her life looks more like a book written by Bret Easton Ellis than by Roald Dahl, she chose to built a hand-drawn house with a yellow-crayon sun, where she can live happily-ever-after.

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